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Branding a delivery and fulfilment challenger
Proxi came to Foreground to help them brand and launch their challenger e-commerce delivery and fulfilment service.

With multiple locations across London, Proxi are able to offer a more efficient, localised delivery service throughout the capital. By delivering – same day or next day – at times that suit individual needs, the company is primed to become category defining. The fact that they also plan to employ local people, empower local communities and have a more sustainable service, makes them an even more compelling proposition.

Foreground worked with leadership teams to identify Proxi’s strengths and brand positioning. The brand’s unique identity plays to their personable and people-centric approach.
The branding process included a large leadership group with a variety of thoughts and ideas. Foreground succeeded in aligning the whole team, through an analytical and structured process. The visual identity was creative and matched the brand’s verbal identity, making the whole team proud and excited for our launch. Foreground delivered beyond expectations, with a superb level of service.
CEO, Proxi