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Branding in an age of innovation
After nearly 20 years in the world of branding, I have experienced huge changes. Having started my career in 1999 BG (Before Google), I earned my stripes working across the creative sectors, before co-founding an independent agency.

Life had been good to me. I had become a husband, a father, a business owner and if the countless articles that mention "determination and grit" as key to success are to be believed, I had that too. Yet, something was missing.

I knew that there were benefits to sticking to a path, but I also knew that if I became too narrow in my thinking, then I – along with my ambitions – might stop growing.

So, from 2014-16, armed with an open mind and very little sleep (our second-born was just four months), I fulfilled another ambition and undertook an Executive MBA at London Business School.

Two years: expanding my commercial and strategic thinking; and exchanging insights with some extraordinarily bright minds and Foreground launched. We're a branding consultancy, with a model that fits the times we live in.
Why Foreground?

The speed at which the commercial world is changing is unprecedented. Now, perhaps more than ever, businesses need to stay ahead of the game. Innovation and creativity isn't just important, it's vital.

The problem, is that the companies that you might typically have hired to help you launch new brands and new ventures, aren't necessarily the ones best placed to do so.

Launching new propositions and appealing to existing or new markets, takes skill and expertise, but it demands an agile, iterative approach. Large agencies find it difficult to cope with that, by virtue of their size, their fee structures and the costly processes that underpin their operations.

Foreground are different. We have an open and flexible approach and operate as a consulting model business.
Here’s how we do it...

We’re agile:
We assemble an experienced and tailored fit, team around every challenge and have a channel agnostic approach. Which means, we can flex to the requirements of every type of client at every stage of maturity.

Experience matters:
The strategists, designers and techies that consult with Foreground, have an average of 15 years commercial experience. They've been hand-picked for their attitude and their domain expertise.

Variety is the spice of life:
Unlike traditional agencies, where teams often work repetitively on a handful of client accounts – which can stifle creativity – Foreground consultants work on a broad variety of projects throughout the year. Which means our thinking and end-product stays fresh.

While we will of course continue to work closely with our long-standing clients, our business model will I’m sure lead us in to new territories far and wide. The promise I make, is that I'll continue to use the same levels of grit and determination, to bring every brand we work with into the foreground.

Marc Schaller, Director