The foreground
Repositioning for the digital age
After two decades in the world of branding and design, it’s safe to say I have experienced a lot of change. Having started my career in the year 1999 BG (Before Google), I went out to earn my stripes working across advertising, packaging and publishing before co-founding my own consultancy.

Life had been good to me, I had married, become a father to two beautiful children, and if the countless articles that mention "determination" and "grit" as an essential component of success are to be believed, I had that in droves too. Yet something was missing.

I knew that there were benefits to sticking to one path and one modus operandi, but I also knew that if I became too narrow in my thinking then inertia might set in, and I, along with my fledgling business might stop growing.

So, from 2014-16, armed with an open mind and very little sleep, (we had a new born at home, and I was still running my business) I fulfilled another ambition, and undertook an Executive MBA at London Business School.

After, two years of expanding my thinking, broadening my commercial and strategic acumen and sharing insights with some of the brightest minds I’ve ever encountered, I have now relaunched the consultancy as "Foreground". We have a different name, a fresh identity and new business model, and it's one that I truly believe befits the digital age.
Why the reposition and rebrand?

The speed at which the commercial world is changing is unprecedented. Now, more than ever, businesses need to stay ahead of the game. Innovative thinking and creativity aren’t just vital, they’re integral to continued success.

The problem, is that the companies that you might typically have hired to help you launch new brands and new ventures aren't necessarily the ones best placed to do so.

Over the years, I’ve noticed how the large branding agencies, with their top-down structures, fixed processes and high running costs can be too rigid to manage the ever-evolving requirements of the digital age. The world of new brands and digital innovation moves fast, it demands flexibility. Larger agencies find it difficult to cope with that, by virtue of their size and the processes that underpin their operations.
Foreground are different. We have an open and flexible approach and operate as a consulting model business.

Here’s how we do it...

We’re agile by nature:
We assemble a tailored fit, senior-level team around every challenge and have a channel agnostic approach, which means we can flex to the requirements of each and every branding, design and digital project we work on.

Experience matters:
All of the thinkers, designers and coders that comprise the Foreground team, have 10 to 20 years’ experience, working with global brands through to agile start-ups. They have been hand-picked for their attitude, their skills and their domain expertise.

Variety is the spice of life:
Unlike traditional agencies, where teams are often tasked with working repetitively on just a handful of client accounts - which can stifle creativity and motivation - Foreground work on a broad variety of projects throughout the year. So, our thinking and end-product stays fresh.

It has been befitting that our relaunch has coincided with a successful pitch to rebrand a listed global tech company. What’s more, our work has been so well received, that we’re now in discussions to help grow their brand across various international markets through next year.

So, while we will of course continue to work closely with our long-standing clients, our new name, identity and business model will I’m sure lead us in to new territories far and wide. The promise I make, is that as we grow, I'll continue to use the same levels of grit and determination to help bring every brand we work with, in to the foreground.

Marc Schaller, Founder