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Transforming a technology brand
After several months of strategic and creative consultation, followed by several more months of ideation and design, we were delighted to announce the official renaming and rebranding of cybersecurity technology company Kape (Kape Technologies PLC).

Here's a window in to some of the practices that helped us reposition and rebrand an established technology business - intent on making a commercial pivot - to a new position as a cybersecurity brand.

Begin with the customer front of mind
As an established technology brand, Kape had acquired thousands of active customers across the world, but via a different brand name and with a different proposition. From pretty early in the process the US was identified as a market with a ground-swell of growth, and with the largest potential to influence. We narrowed this further, to focus on groups of people living and working in urban areas across the US, and conducted interviews, to discover preferences. These would ultimately be used to benchmark consumer expectations (from cyber-security tech), both from a product and brand point of view.
With the prospect of having to capture a new set of digitally savvy customers - while retaining the loyalty of a pre-existing global customer-base - there is perhaps no better way than repositioning and redesigning your brand around customer needs and expectations.
Differentiate from the competition
You can be as innovative or as disruptive as you like, but ignoring the competition is to enter an industry blind. The same can be said of your brand. But, taking a unique and differentiated position in the market, is key. So, we conducted product, price and brand analysis of established businesses within the space, to understand what others were doing to attract their own markets, but most importantly, to make sure that Kape could stake their own position.

Define your position, externally and internally
After a series of brand workshops with key stakeholders and management teams, to help define the company's core purpose and value proposition, the Foreground design team got to work. We designed a brand identity and visual language that could be brought to life across channels. We also helped shape a common set of brand values, to be lived-out by stakeholders and employees, as the Kape brand evolves.
Kape were pivoting our business in a new direction and needed to work with a company that could help lead our brand transformation. Foreground... helped define and deliver us a strong, clear and unique brand and digital identity that will truly resonate with our customers for many years to come.
CEO, Kape